It is my honour and privilege to have been nominated and elected as the President of the Swiss Circle Sri Lanka, the oldest and most prestigious organisation to foster Swiss Culture amongst the Swiss society in Sri Lanka. The Swiss Circle is the only Swiss Government accredited Club in central Asia and Near East and as such plays a pivotal role to create a home away from home for Swiss Nationals and their families.
At this point, it might interest you that the Swiss Circle was founded as the “Schweizerischer Hülfsverein in Ceylon” on 15th September 1933 whereas the first Swiss Ambassador was permanently posted in Colombo in the year 1968, when our Swiss Circle was already 35 years old.
As the President of the Swiss Circle my objective is to coordinate the efforts of the Swiss Circle to bring Swiss People with their families and friends together, to cherish our cultures and values and to socialize and enjoy fellowship.
I am escorted by an excellent Committee, seemingly perfectly constellated by old and new Committee members, a combination of great experience and fresh drive to action. Perfectly gender balanced with a tendency to rejuvenation we are ready and geared to activate and reunite our members after too long of social abstinence driven by restrictions outside our area of influence.
The Committee of the Swiss Circle is also in very close collaboration with the Swiss Embassy and we enjoy an extremely productive, benevolent relationship with all Representatives attached to the Embassy. A dream teamwork! A big Thank You goes to the Swiss Ambassador to Sri Lanka and Maldives, Dr. Dominik Furgler and his Deputy Mr. Raoul Imbach and the entire team of the Embassy, which is never shy to support us in our endeavours.
I am also taking this opportunity to thank the immediate Past President and her Committee for all the hard work done during these difficult times, especially challenging for organisations with core activities in physical meetings. Thank You Marina and wishing you all the very best.

President of the Swiss Circle Sri Lanka
Rolf Blaser