Membership is available to Swiss citizens residing in Sri Lanka. However, non-Swiss nationals who have a particularly close connection to Switzerland (e.g. descent, family ties, etc.) can also be admitted as per the Committee’s discretion.

Ordinary Members

Must be at least 18 years old.

Honorary Life Members

Have accumulated a reasonable amount of membership years and have displayed extraordinary services to the Swiss Circle.

recommendation for Honorary Life Membership shall require a Proposer and Seconder. Recommendations may be submitted to the Hon. Secretary in writing no less than two months prior to the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Hon. Secretary shall include such recommendations in the agenda to be tabled during the AGM, if such recommendations are approved by the Committee.

Corporate Members

May be entities/organisations that contribute to the purpose of the Swiss Circle in any way. Corporate Members may be represented at all meetings of the Swiss Circle by one nominee with no voting rights. Corporate Members shall be selected and approved by the Committee at its discretion.