The “Schweizerischer Hülfsverein in Ceylon” was founded on 15th September 1933; its main purpose was to provide assistance to needy Swiss citizens. It was renamed later on into Swiss Benevolent Society in Ceylon. On 27th April 1956 the Swiss Circle Colombo was established in order to promote social activities amongst Swiss Nationals in Ceylon. The Swiss Benevolent Society was dissolved in 1988.

At the early stages the committee was formed by senior executives of Swiss companies operating in Sri Lanka e.g. A. Baur & Co. Ltd. and Volkart Brothers.

In the membership today there are more than 100 families and individual members as well as some corporate members. We meet on a monthly basis and have also other activities such as Swiss National Day Celebration and Santa Claus Evening.


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Rules of the Swiss Benevolent Society in Ceylon 1933

Swiss Circle Presidents

Memories” by Honorary Member Thilo W. Hoffmann

Edi Chanson – Paul Sterchi