This group has been in existence for the last 18 years. There is no membership as such, and any member of the Swiss Club can be part of it and participate at the annual International Charity Bazaar. About twenty two countries take part in this yearly fundraising event, held in Colombo each December.

We organize a cookie-baking day, where we produce around 30 kg of home made cookies. Besides the fun and creative hours spent together, it’s one of the occasions where we meet with the children who create the most wonderful cookie boxes. Also, Swiss Chocolates in all shapes and sizes, Fondue, Swiss Cheese and Bündnerfleisch, Swatch Watches, Swiss Army knives, Christmas decorations, Candles and homemade cakes, breads, Züpfe, Quiches and other donated and handmade typically Swiss souvenirs are part of our stall. With the background of posters and Swiss flags, we have the reputation of being the most strikingly presented stall at the event.

We decide together who the recipients will be of the money made at the bazaar. Over the years, we have mostly given support to the same charities as all of them are being visited by one or more of us on a regular basis. These charities include the sick, the poor, the physically and intellectually disabled, the old, and in general just the less fortunate of this country.

Anyone interested in participating in some way or if you want to know more about us, please get in touch with

Sabine Wittachy (0773020106 – and Marina Fernando (0772 516784 –
or any member of the Swiss community you know.

This Charity Group is open to anyone new here in the island. Everyone is most welcome !