The sole objective of the Swiss Circle shall be the promotion of activities among Swiss Nationals residing in Sri Lanka.


The Swiss Circle shall consist of members of the following categories:
  • Ordinary Members
  • Honorary Life Members
  • Overseas Members
  • Junior Members
  • Associate Corporate Members

Application for admission to membership shall be made in writing to the Hon. Secretary, who shall require the applicant to fill in and sign a proposal form. The applicant’s name shall be put before the committee and if approved the Hon. Secretary shall furnish the new member with a copy of the Rules of the Swiss Circle . The new member shall pay the subscription for the current year within two weeks from the date of election.

  • Ordinary Members

    Swiss Nationals who have attained the age of 18 years and who are residents in Sri Lanka are eligible for Ordinary Membership. They shall be entitled to all privileges of membership.

  • Honorary Life Members

    Hon. Life Membership may be accorded to any member who has been a member of the Swiss Circle for a sufficiently long time to warrant such honour or for services rendered which would seem, in the opinion of the members, to justify such action. Recommendations for Hon. Life Membership shall require a Proposer and a Seconder and shall be made in writing to the Hon. Secretary, not less than two months before the AGM. The Hon. Secretary shall include such recommendations in the Agenda for submission to the members at the AGM. Hon. Life Members shall be entitled to the same privileges as Ordinary Members, but do not pay subscriptions.

  • Overseas Members

    Overseas Members shall be Ordinary Members who have given up permanent residence in Sri Lanka .

  • Junior Members

    Swiss Nationals who have attained the age of 10 years and who are not over 18 years old.

  • Associate Corporate Members

    A Corporate Member shall be selected by the Committee at its discretion and shall be a corporation, a partnership or any other legal entity registered or represented in Sri Lanka which could further the objectives of the Swiss Circle. Associate Corporate Members may be represented at all Meetings of the Swiss Circle by one nominee.

Overseas Members, Junior Members and Corporate Associate Members shall be entitled to all the privileges of membership, but shall not be entitled to vote at any Meeting or in any poll nor shall they be entitled to propose applications for membership.


There shall be no entrance fee.

The yearly subscription shall be fixed at the Annual General Meeting. The subscription fee of Ordinary Members shall include all direct family members. A single person shall pay the same subscription as a family.

Overseas Members shall pay the same subscription as Ordinary Members.

Hon. Life Members – No subscription.

Junior Members – No subscription.

The Hon. Secretary shall send to the last known address of each member, at the beginning of the financial year, a notice calling for payment of the subscription. Any member whose subscription is in arrears for more than six months shall be called upon by the Committee to pay the subscription due forthwith, failing which the Committee may remove his / her name from the roll of members of the Swiss Circle and he / she shall thereafter cease to be a member.


The Committee shall look after the interests of the Swiss Circle according to the rules and shall decide any question regarding the interpretation of the rules and all matters laid before it for decision. The President shall in the event of the votes being divided equally have, in addition to his own vote, a casting vote.

The Committee of the Swiss Circle shall consist of a President, a Vice – President, a Hon. Secretary, a Hon. Treasurer and not more than 3 other members. The Committee shall be elected as per Rule No: 6 c.

Any 2 members may propose the name of one or more candidates having previously obtained the consent of the candidate/s concerned. Any honorary life member can be a member of the committee. The names of candidates shall be sent in writing to the Secretary at least 10 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.

Financial Year

The financial year shall end on the 31st of December of each year.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than 2 months after the close of the financial year. The Hon. Secretary shall give not less than 14 days notice to members of the Annual General Meeting, or any General Meeting.
The Chair at all Annual and Special General Meetings shall be taken by the President, or in his absence the Vice – President, and in his absence a Chairman shall be elected by the members present.

The members present at the Annual General Meeting shall:
elect a President, a Vice – President, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Auditor and not more than 3 members to form the committee of the club for the ensuing year. In order to conduct the election of the President, the outgoing President shall invite a senior member of the Swiss Circle to occupy the Chair pro tem. The newly elected President shall take the Chair and continue the meeting immediately after his election. elect an Hon. Auditor. consider and if acceptable, adopt the audited accounts and receive and approve the Secretary’s report. to attend to such other business as may have been duly notified in writing to the Secretary at least 7 days before the date of the meeting. the Hon. Secretary shall ensure that the notice and agenda of the Annual General Meeting are accompanied by the following documents : the annual report, statement of accounts, minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting, and an up-to-date list of members. the committee may at any time call a Special General Meeting of the Swiss Circle giving not less than 1 month notice. Such notice shall be circulated to all members and shall set out the subjects or matters which shall be considered and decided at the meeting. A Special General Meeting shall also be summoned at the request of 20 Members, who must state in writing the reasons for which they request such a meeting; at such a Special General Meeting, discussion and decisions shall be restricted to the one subject defined by the members. voting at all General meetings whether Annual or Special shall be by a show of hands, unless the majority of members present decide that voting on a particular matter shall be by ballot. Any decision at the Annual General Meeting or General Meeting shall be by simple majority except in the case of dissolution of the Swiss Circle, which requires a 3/4 majority. At any Annual or Special General Meeting the members present shall form a Quorum. A Member who has failed to pay his subscription or any dues shall not be entitled to vote at a Meeting.

Duties of the committee

The Hon. Secretary shall submit for the adoption at the Annual General Meeting, a report on the activities of the Swiss Circle during the preceding year. The Treasurer shall submit a duly audited statement of accounts of the Swiss Circle for the same period. Both the annual report and the audited accounts must be approved by the President and the Hon. Secretary must then ensure that these are sent out to each member as required by Rule No.: 6.c.v.

The Hon. Secretary shall call all meetings of the Swiss Circle and shall keep a correct record of proceedings. The minute book shall be made available for inspection of members at any time, 7 days prior to a Annual or Special General Meeting.

The Hon. Treasurer shall receive all monies payable to the Swiss Circle and shall make payments on behalf of the Swiss Circle .

Expulsion of members

In cases (other than provided for in Para 3) of gross misconduct and/or behaviour detrimental to the interests of the Swiss Circle, membership shall be suspended by the Committee pending expulsion by majority vote at the next following General Meeting.

Dissolution of the swiss circle

The Swiss Circle may be dissolved at any time at a Special General Meeting by a majority of 3/4 of members present being in favour. Those present at the Special General Meeting shall decide how the monies lying at its credit should be distributed.

Alterations of rules and objectives

No amendment or revision shall be made to any of these rules except at an Annual or Special General Meeting of the Swiss Circle at which not less and 3/4 of the members present and eligible to vote are in favour of such amendment or revision, subject to Rule No. 6.c.vii.

Indemnity to the committee

It is expressly declared and understood that the Committee as a body and each committee member as an individual shall at all times be indemnified from and out of the funds, property and assets of the Swiss Circle against the consequences of any act, deed, matter or thing done or to be done by the Committee members bona fide in respect of or in connection with the business of the Swiss Circle or any contract entered into on behalf of the Swiss Circle.

Colombo , 20th February 2002

The President The Hon. Secretary
Thomas F. Daetwyler Claude Scheffer